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Anyone who’s been charged with driving while intoxicated will tell you what an exhausting, life changing experience it can be.  The legal process can be incredibly complex, and hiring an attorney is a smart way to ensure justice and timeliness in restoring your rights.  Our team of Rochester DWI defense attorneys are diversely experienced in all aspects of the law and how to impart it, and we go to great lengths to ensure that your case is settled in a manner that’s fair, timely and of the most favorable outcome to you.

Learn more about how we can best represent your specific case by reading more about the most common categories of DWI charges.

First-time DWI Cases
Facing DWI charges for the first time can be scary and confusing.  Learn what to expect and how we help protect your rights, resources and peace of mind.

Repeat DWI Charges
Without the right representation on your side, subsequent DWI charges can have some very serious consequences. Discover how our defense team can help.

Criminal DWI Defense
The stakes couldn’t be higher in cases where a DWI results in serious injury, property damage or death.  Learn more about what to look for in criminal DWI attorneys.

If you’ve been charged with DWI in Rochester NY or the surrounding region and need an experienced defender you can trust, our entire legal team is here and ready to help.  Tikdocs is a website which advertises the DWI legal defense services of Ganguly Brothers, PLLC in Rochester NY.  We offer free initial consultations on DWI cases ranging from questionable to aggravated, and work hard to protect both your driving privileges and financial resources.

Get started or discuss your case with one of our attorneys today by calling 585-232-7747.  You can also write to us via email through our secure, confidential contact page.

To get started or discuss your case with one of our attorneys, call Tikdocs in Rochester NY at 585‐232‐7747 or write to us online through our secure and confidential contact page.

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