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Few things on the road are as terrifying as the flashing red and blue lights when you’ve been drinking.  Being arrested for DWI and processed is bad enough, but the real nightmare starts when you learn just how far-reaching it can be into so many aspects of your life.  Without the right representation on your side, penalties and fines can reach levels few are prepared for.   

As a successful, trusted and well-established DWI law firm based in Rochester NY, we do everything in our power under the law to protect your rights while ensuring no legal oversights have been ignored.  

  • Thorough examination of each case to determine legality of charges
  • Many of our clients are first-time DWI and we help guide the process
  • Dedicated to saving you time, money and points on your drivers license
  • Concerned your arrest was unwarranted?  Discuss your case with us today!
  • Based in Rochester NY and proudly serving Monroe and surrounding counties

The Law Firm Rochester Trusts for First-time DWI Charges

Whether you feel you were arrested under questionable pretense or absolutely certain of your sobriety, our DWI defense attorneys bring decades of collective experience and an in-depth understanding of the law to each case.  Tikdocs is a website advertising the DWI attorney services of Ganguly Brothers, PLLC in Rochester.  There are no fees for initial consultations and all meetings are held in the highest of confidentiality.

Learn more or speak with an attorney right now about your case by calling 585-232-7477 today, or by writing to us through our website’s secure contact page.

To get started or discuss your case with one of our attorneys, call Tikdocs in Rochester NY at 585‐232‐7747 or write to us online through our secure and confidential contact page.

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