Being issued a ticket for failure to show proof of insurance can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re among the countless individuals who were insured at the time of the citation.  Our Rochester NY traffic defense attorneys have extensive experience resolving insurance-related traffic tickets, and we impart a vast knowledge of the law to help prevent it from becoming a fixture on your permanent driving record.

Regardless of whether failure to show proof of insurance was the sole charge, or one of multiple citations issued simultaneously, we work tirelessly to bring you justice.

  • Fast resolution for a wide range of proof of insurance tickets
  • Experienced team of respected Rochester NY defense attorneys
  • Many cases can be resolved over the phone quickly and confidentially
  • We help you save time, money and points on your driver’s license
  • Learn whether your case can be handled out of court or dismissed outright

Trusted Legal Defense for Insurance Tickets in Rochester

Many who immediately plead guilty to proof of insurance charges are unaware of the complexity of this section of the law.  Our team has vast experience defending clients from all over the Western NY region, and we work hard to ensure that you’re not deprived the justice you rightfully deserve.  Tikdocs is a website advertising the traffic legal defense services of Ganguly Brothers, PLLC in Rochester NY.

To find out if your case is one we can help resolve quickly, or for more information on our services, call our Rochester NY law offices today at 585-232-7477 and we’ll help you get started.  You can also email us in complete confidentiality through our secure contact page.

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