Having your driver’s license suspended or revoked can affect life in ways few people consider until it’s a reality.  Life becomes centered around getting a ride, eventually taking a toll on everything from errands and social events to work commutes and family activities.  Regardless of the nature or severity of your case, it’s vital to choose legal defense who understands the law in exhausting detail, with a reputation of protecting the driving privileges of those they serve.

Our Rochester NY defense attorneys have extensive experience dealing with revoked and suspended licenses, and an excellent track record of success both in and outside the courtroom. 

  • One of the most trusted traffic defense law firms in Rochester NY
  • Specializing in a full range of charges, from simple suspensions to criminal defense
  • Expert legal services to help save you time, money and points on your license
  • We can assist with restoration of temporary and work driving privileges 
  • Some cases can be settled quickly via phone with no meetings required

Legal Defense Rochester Trusts for Revoked and Suspended Licenses

Whether you’re worried about losing your license or have recently had it revoked or suspended, it’s critical that you understand the law and how it affects your case. Tikdocs is a website advertising the traffic and moving violation legal defense services of Ganguly Brothers, PLLC in Rochester NY.  We’ve successfully defended cases ranging from simple first-time suspensions, to complex revoked license cases coupled with a varying degree of criminal charges.

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